Buying Your Kid’s First Smartphone? AT&T Idaho Has 9 Tips to Help Keep Kids Safe

New Digital You® initiative in Idaho will help parents and kids learn to use technology responsibly

Being a parent in the digital age is no easy task, but AT&T stores in Idaho are piloting a new awareness program to help parents and caregivers and teach their kids about how to use smartphones responsibly. As part of AT&T’s Digital You® initiative, customers who are purchasing their kid’s first device will also be directed to AT&T’s “Fine 9 Smartphone Tips.” Among other things, these tips include helpful information on how to set up a family media agreement, how to identify and prevent cyberbullying, and how kids can build a positive reputation online.

We’ve heard it in the news, on social media and through the grapevine: being a kid online isn’t always easy. For example, research from the Family Online Safety Institute, a Digital You® collaborator, found that 43 percent of teens say they have posted something online that they later regretted.

But there are things we can do to help. That same research found that 94% of parents have talked to their kids about being online and (not surprisingly). The more comfortable parents are with their ability to manage their child’s technology, the more likely they are to have that conversation regularly. Through this pilot, AT&T is hoping to provide parents with the resources they need to feel confident to talk to their children more often about being online.

“A kid’s first smartphone provides them with incredible opportunities, but it also gives them new responsibilities” said Amanda Harris, Vice President & General Manager, AT&T-Rocky Mountain Region. “We’re excited that parents and caregivers will leave our store with tools that make it easier to engage with their kids about navigating life online.”

During the month of April, the pilot program will be available at these following AT&T locations in Idaho:

  • 350 N Milwaukee, Boise
  • 1520 West Chinden Blvd, Meridian
  • 8279 W Franklin Rd, Boise
  • 6667 N Glenwood Street, Garden City
  • 663 S. Main St., Meridian
  • 2600 American Legion Blvd, Suite 104, Mountain Home
  • 176 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa


About Digital You®:

Digital You® is an AT&T campaign to provide tips, tools and information to help consumers get online safely and securely.

Created in collaboration with Common Sense Media, LGBT Tech, National Consumers League, iKeepSafe, Family Online Safety Institute and other experts, the Digital You® website and training sessions around the country are resources that provide parents, youth, digital newcomers, people with disabilities and community leaders with information on the devices they use and how to maintain privacy, safety and security in an increasingly connected world. The website addresses topics such as preventing cyberbullying, managing your online presence and parenting in the digital age.

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