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Our Colorado team is looking forward to a successful fall season. AT&T has been working hard in expanding our network and will be building the first nationwide public safety broadband network as part of AT&T’s public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet). Half the states/territories have already signed on to FirstNet, including neighboring Arizona and New Mexico. If Colorado elects to opt in to FirstNet, AT&T can begin delivering FirstNet services to Colorado’s public safety entities.

Our thoughts are with the thousands of individuals who are being impacted by natural disasters, including the California wildfires, earthquakes in Mexico and by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria. Find out below how you can give and how AT&T is supporting recovery efforts.

We also keep Nevada in our hearts. After the horrific events in Las Vegas, AT&T mobilized a text to give campaign for the University Medical Center Foundation (UMCF) to secure donations for Nevada’s only Level 1 Trauma Center and support their treatment of patients in need.

Wishing everyone a very safe and enjoyable fall season.


Roberta Robinette
President — AT&T Colorado

AT&T FirstNet: The right choice for Colorado

The FirstNet AT&T state plan is the best option for Colorado.


No connection is more important than one that can save a life. That’s why AT&T has a long-standing commitment to supporting public safety and their communications needs.

We are honored to be selected to build and manage America's first-ever nationwide public safety broadband network. Now the real work begins. We look forward to working with Colorado's state and local public safety officials to build a strong and highly secure communications network that meets the unique needs of our state's first responders.

We take seriously our twenty-five-year commitment to build and manage this network for the state of Colorado. Our history here includes more than 100 years of serving Coloradans. In just 3 years alone (2013-15), we invested nearly $580 million in Colorado's wired and wireless networks and now, we will build upon that investment with a dedicated focus on Colorado's first responders.

Highly secure networks that are designed to combat cyberattacks are of upmost importance, especially for the fast, efficient and timely communications capabilities first responders require. AT&T secures more connections than any communications company in America and we are proud to bring that depth and scale of cyber security and network experience to Colorado's public safety network.

The Colorado Benefits of an Opt-In Decision:


No financial obligation or risk: An Opt-In decision directs FirstNet to take on all the risks, costs, and responsibilities associated with deploying the network in Colorado for 25 years, and take immediate steps to make prioritized services and features available to public safety in Colorado.


Gain more cell sites, improve rural coverage: Connecting Colorado’s first responders is critical today. All new cell site builds in the state plan are rural, and AT&T’s commitment to LTE solutions will mean upgrades to existing cell sites in every corner of the state. The ability to respond to disasters, large-scale events, and communicate with multiple jurisdictions and protect Coloradans cannot be left to chance or delayed.


Immediate access to a statewide network: Upon opt-in, Colorado’s first responder subscribers will have immediate access to quality of service and priority access to voice and data across the existing AT&T LTE network, allowing them to communicate during the next high capacity event, emergency or disaster.


A half-a-billion-dollar head start: From 2013–2015, AT&T invested more than half a billion dollars ($580,175,257) in its existing network in Colorado — and there are more than 3,000 Colorado AT&T employees today.

Both AT&T* and FirstNet have committed significant resources to improve communications among first responders and members of the public safety community. With an opt-in decision, FirstNet, together with AT&T, bears the financial risk associated with the network in each state or territory. Those states and territories will require no additional financial resources from the state or territory to deploy or operate the network. The FirstNet network is the only wireless, broadband network specially designed through consultation and feedback from public safety to meet their current and future technology needs.

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Roberta Robinette was born in Pueblo and has been a life-long Colorado resident. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Northern Colorado and has more than 20 years of experience in government affairs and the telecommunications industry.

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