South Dakotaís Tech Showcase

AT&T’s fourth annual South Dakota Technology Showcase was held on September 26th at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

Hosted by AT&T, SDN Communications and the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the event brought together guests from the telecom, healthcare and agriculture industries, tech firms, state legislators, and both state legislative and Congressional staff.

This year’s showcase featured speakers and discussions on topics including smart cities, the future of 5G, fiber optics, stratospheric balloons, artificial intelligence, big data and more. AT&T helped bring in Jennifer Fritzsche from Wells Fargo as the keynote to talk about the future of the wireless industry.

 “When we started the SD Tech Showcase in 2015, our goal was twofold: to highlight the emerging technological innovations in South Dakota, and bring together the brightest minds to help forge policies that would keep the state on the cutting edge of technology,” said Cheryl Riley, president, AT&T Northern Plains. “Four years later, we’re very proud to continue promoting the burgeoning tech advancements and new ideas coming out of South Dakota.”

This year’s registration fee was passed on as a contribution to DSU’s CybHER program in a check totaling $1,830.

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