Supporting Employees Impacted by the Earthquake in Utah

Our thoughts are with our employees and their communities in the aftermath of the earthquake. Employees who are in need of food, clothing, shelter, medical care or other necessities due to a financial hardship related to a natural disaster or an incident leading to significant damage to their primary residence may qualify for assistance from the AT&T Employee Relief Fund (ERF).

The ERF is made possible by individual donations from employees. Thanks to their generosity, we're able to help impacted colleagues recover and rebuild.

Along with providing assistance, we want to make sure our employees have the tools they need to help get through the recovery process. AT&T supports Saint Bernard Project (SBP), a non-profit leader in disaster recovery.

Tara Thue is the president of AT&T Mountain West States. In this role, Tara leads all external, governmental and public affairs for AT&T in Idaho, Montana and Utah.

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